Applying for a new UAS Mosaic website


If you work within the UAS and would like to register a new Mosaic website, you should first read the guidance below, and then send a request to UAS Communications.

Please note that the UAS section requesting a new Mosaic site will also need to demonstrate that it has the resources to maintain a potential new website and will need sign-off from their section head.

Criteria for registering a new subdomain within

Where possible, UAS sections are encouraged to consolidate their content under a small set of subdomains. A high number of subdomains bears significant governance risks and might result in content duplication and confusion among users. If you wish to register a new subdomain, the application needs to make clear why the content of the proposed new site cannot be incorporated into an existing UAS website, or, of applicable, why it needs to move out of an existing UAS subdomain.

Criteria for creating a new subdomain are:

  • the content of the new subdomain is intended for a specific group of audiences with specific needs, which are separate from users of other UAS websites
  • the amount of content on the proposed new site would result in serious disruption of the information architecture of any existing UAS website

Overall, only audience needs should justify the creation of a new UAS website. A new subdomain should not be added purely on the basis of business needs, such as

  • the need to promote a certain initiative
  • to simplify governance structures and workflows for content editors (for example when different editors in a section are responsible for different subsets of content) - this can be managed within Mosaic’s user permissions 

Criteria for a domain outside the pattern

Typically, UAS subdomains follow the pattern This is to reduce potential overlap with academic departments and is in line with the University’s wider approach to domain naming.

However, exceptions can be granted in cases where: 

  • the subdomain’s content is mainly aimed at audiences external to the University
  • it is of statutory importance for the responsible team to highlight their independence from the University’s central administration. 
  • historically the subdomain in question has not previously included .admin 

Reasons that would not justify a subdomain without .admin include:

  • concerns about the “look” of a subdomain and it’s usability in print publications
  • a section’s wish to distance itself from the University’s central administration for operational reasons


Applications for additional UAS subdomains should be sent to UAS Communications at Applications will then be considered by the UAS web steering group.

Please make sure to answer the following questions in your application: 

  1. Which subdomain would you like to register?
  2. Do you currently have a website? If yes, what’s the domain name?
  3. Outline the content you plan to publish on the new subdomain.
  4. Are there any existing Oxford websites (within your section or others) where users might expect to find this content? Please outline why your content could not sit within any of those.
  5. Did you check whether there is potential for confusion or conflict with other parts of the University when using this domain name? Please outline any concerns below, and how these might be mitigated.
  6. Please note that UAS website domains usually follow this pattern: If your preferred domain name does not follow this pattern, please explain why. 
  7. Does your team have the necessary resources to manage the content of this website?
  8. Have you obtained the approval of the head of section? 

Assistance with UAS websites

Lead editors - email

Site editors should only contact the lead editor of their site

See information on the UAS website support process