Social media guidance

Social media can be an excellent platform to promote the work and ongoings of your department or college. It can be a great way to connect with relevant academics, students and the general public and establish two-way communication with your audiences.

Social media requires planning and consideration to do well. This section aims to provide advice on a variety on social media questions, from what platforms are best for you to how to deal with trolls.

These pages are managed by the Public Affairs Directorate (PAD) social media team

Downloads and resources

We have plenty of resources which could be of use to you. They include advice and guidance on maintaining a social media channel, managing audiences and more.

Social media guidance for communications staff

This guidance document was created for communications personnel who are responsible for University social media accounts. It provides a comprehensive review of what to post on social media, how to create a social media strategy, when to create a new social channel, how to deal with trolls and more.

Download Social media guidance (PDF) – August 2021.

Social media guidance for academics

This document was created for Oxford academics who are on social media. It provides academics with insights on what to post on social media, how to maximise their use of their channel of choice and how best to respond to questions or concerns on social media.

Download Social media guidance for academics (PDF) – May 2021.

Social media takeover guidelines

This document was created to provide guidance for communications personnel who are looking for individuals to take over their social media accounts.

The guidance covers elements such as what to post, how often should someone post and managing comments during a takeover.

Download - Oxford social media takeover guidance.docx.

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