Social media tools

Using a tool to manage your social channels can be very useful for:

  • Scheduling
  • Campaign tracking
  • Watching multiple channels at once
  • Managing content submitted by a team
  • Managing content going out on multiple channels

Social media management tools range from free to not-so-frugal, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it work for you. Line up your objectives, see what’s on offer and see what you can get for your money.


Social media management tools are ideal if you need to post content in the evening or over the weekend. They can also be useful as they keep track of what’s being published across your channels over a period of time.

Third-party platforms

Native platforms

If you need advice on which social media management tool could be best for your objectives on social, you can contact for advice.


Allow you to pull together quick, overview reports, but please note – each platform provides their own datasets. This means that some platforms may provide data points that others do not, while they could also define some metrics differently.

Native platforms

  • Twitter Analytics
  • Facebook Insights (if your Instagram page is linked to a Facebook page, you can also receive Instagram insights here)
  • Instagram Insights (available only through the Instagram mobile app)
  • LinkedIn Insights (when on your LinkedIn page, click analytics at the top of the page)

Third-party platforms


Brand listening tools allow you to see sentiment and how your news has hit the media. They can also alert you to a crisis through mention spikes, negative keyword use and show you how the conversation is playing out.

Platforms such as Pulsar, Sprout and Hootsuite have this functionality.

Please note: in-tool reporting through native platforms such as Twitter Analytics or Facebook Insights is comprehensive, free, easy to download and easy to understand – so you might not need a management tool.


Brilliant social doesn’t have to come with a budget. These free tools can help you to design your content and improve your engagement.  


There are a huge array of artists who are publishing their work on platforms that don’t ask for fees, although they do often require attribution.

There are also a number of paid libraries:

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