Oxweb content checklist


  • Before creating the web page confirm that there is a clear need for this content and this is the best place for it.
  • Confirm that the content and its format meet user needs.


  • Confirm that the page has an owner and a plan is in place for keeping it up-to-date.


  • Ensure that text is not copied directly from Microsoft Word. Please copy from Notepad or TextEdit (or use the paste from Word button) to avoid copying across hidden code.
  • Ensure that text follows the University’s style guide
  • Make sure that all headings adhere to the correct hierarchy (h1, h2, h3…). Do not skip levels for headings or create empty headings.
  • Only use the heading styles for headings and not for body text.
  • Make appropriate use of other styles available to break up the text - bullet/numbered lists, bold, quote, tables, etc.


  • Ensure that link text makes sense when read out of context.
  • Avoid link text like ‘read more’ or ‘click here’.
  • Avoid using the page URL as linking text.
  • Check that all links work correctly.


  • Make sure that the images are the correct size and format, and that they are cropped correctly before uploading. Main banner image 1,600 x 550px, Section highlights 370 x 222px, Full-width (OW Content full width) 860 x 515px, Half-width (OW Content medium) 370 x appropriate height px.
  • Use alt text that accurately reflects the purpose of the image and provides an accurate description.
  • Make sure that the correct copyright owner is added, and a credit note is included in the description.

Meta tags

  • Check that the auto-generated title and description fields under the ‘Basic tags’ tab are unique and make sense.
  • The description field must describe what a page is about and include any relevant keywords. This is often copied from the introduction and may need editing for length (max 160 characters) or rewriting if it doesn’t make sense.


Before you publish

  • Check that the text reads correctly, there are no spelling mistakes or grammar errors, and there are no odd paragraph breaks.
  • Check that the page layout looks correct and allows easy reading.
  • Check that the page url and breadcrumb is correct.

Further help with editing Oxweb content

Please contact digicomms@admin.ox.ac.uk for more information about editing Oxweb content and training.