UAS Mosaic website collection lead editors

Website Lead editor
Academic Support Vicki Crowe
Access Guide Ben Smith
Apprenticeships Melissa Duffin
Centre for Teaching and Learning Yonas Tita
Childcare Services Emily Bampton
Compliance Archie Wearne
Equality and Diversity Unit Caroline Kennedy
Estates Services Charlene Rowley
Finance Division Laura Cooper
Focus programme Eleanor Williamson
Governance and Planning Gemma Jacobs
Graduate Accommodation Charlene Rowley
HR Support Kate Butler
HR Systems Mandy Zaccheo, Michelle Williams, Marie King, Donna Innes
IT Services Susan Humphreys
IT Skills Pamela Stanworth, Kath Wenczek
Jobs Helen Johnson (Melissa Duffin)
Legal Services Office Georgia Corby
Occupational Health Service Christopher Sanders
Oxford University Language Centre Anna Hardy
People and Organisational Development Nealam Balu
Research Support Lotte Boon
The Proctors' Office Vicki Crowe
Safety Office Ekta Singh 
Sheldonian Theatre Charlene Rowley
Sport Andy Taylor
Staff Gateway Stephen Sangar
Staff Immigration Solveig Alsaker
Sustainability Charlene Rowley
Travel Charlene Rowley
Welcome Service Sue Morris


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