Pull-up banners

Create a pull-up banner using one of our templates

The core template uses Oxford blue. If you want to use a different colour you can choose a colour from our secondary colour palette within the swatches window in the InDesign template.

all blue banner thumbnail


neautral banner thumbnail


green banner thumbnail


plum banner thumbnail


royal blue banner thumbnail


aqua banner thumbnail


pink banner thumbnail





Create an pull-up banner using one of our themed templates

You can also use a themed version of the template (based on our theme packs). Each theme uses a special display font. Display fonts are installed on managed staff desktop (CONNECT & Orchard) machines, or they are freely available to download from Google

See the theme packs page for download files.

Printing a pull-up banner

These banner templates are set up for printing at 850 x 2150 mm. This is the standard size used by the University Print Studio.

Create your own design

If you want to create your own, please use the following identity guidelines:


For more information contact brandanddesign@admin.ox.ac.uk.