Using the Oxford logo for print

You should follow these guidelines when using the Oxford logo on something that’s going to be printed. If you’re using the logo on screen see the logo for screen guidelines

Please be aware that, in this new version of the logo, the Oxford blue CMYK (for print) has been adjusted to better match the RGB Oxford blue (for screen). You don’t need to change anything retrospectively but the new colour reference should be used from now on. 

The Oxford logo

The primary Oxford University logo is the square logo. You should use this square version of the logo most of the time.

You must

  • only use the horizontal rectangle version of the logo if height (vertical space) is restricted
  • only use the special black artwork versions if you are printing in black and white
  • always use the correct logo artwork without any modifications or additions.

Using the logo on backgrounds

You can use the logos on a light or a dark background. 

logo on light and dark background graphic
rectangular logo on light and dark background graphic
mono logo on light and dark background
mono rectangular logo on light and dark background

Size and positioning

You must always retain the original proportions when resizing the logo to avoid distorting the image. 

You must use a minimum width of 15mm for the square logo and 20mm for the rectangular logo. 

print minimum sizing of logo
print minimum sizing rectangle

Ideally, you should position the logo top left.

Leaving clear space around the logo

You must leave some empty space between the logo and other design elements to make sure the logo stands out clearly. 

The exclusion zone should be a minimum of 30% of the height of the logo for both the square and the rectangle logo.

exclusions zones for logo

What not to do

what not to do with the logo
  1. Do not rearrange any element within the logo 
  2. Do not recolour the logo
  3. Do not rotate the logo
  4. Do not tint or use any transparency on the logo 
  5. Do not replace the fonts in the logo
  6. Do not alter the proportions of the logo

Download the logos 

Members of the University may download all variants of the University logo.
If you are external to the University and require these logos, please contact




For more information contact