Audio visual

The venue may have its own AV equipment, or its own AV staff. It may have a preferred supplier that you have to use, or even a list of them that you can choose from.

If the venue has its own equipment, you will need to check that it is to the standard you require for the purpose intended.

Whether you have a choice of AV supplier or not, you should provide them with a brief that details your requirements, the number of guests and your objectives for the event. You will also need to give them an idea of your budget.

Some buildings within the University or Colleges are very old, and care must be taken when using AV equipment. Keep in contact with the venue regarding your AV arrangements. Some equipment may not be allowed in certain venues. You may not be able to hang equipment, or use adhesive to stick items to walls and ceilings. 

Events can live or die by the standard of AV that you put in place; speakers that can’t be heard, poor lighting, bad AV equipment and management, can leave the guests without that positive lasting impression that you are striving for.

Personal recommendations are a really good way of ensuring that you work with an AV company who understands your requirements and will deliver. The Events Office can provide a list of tried and tested AV suppliers on request.

AV equipment and companies can vary hugely in price. For this reason, it is a good idea to get no fewer than three quotes, and then make an informed decision. The quote, coupled with a possible recommendation, will give you enough information to make your choice.

If your AV requirements are complicated, it is advisable to meet with the AV company for a detailed conversation, and to build a good working relationship with them.

Some speakers may require there to be sound for their presentation, they may also have animation in their presentation. You will need to check whether they have used a PC or a Mac in order to produce their presentation.

You need to do your research before the event to ensure you have met all your speaker’s requirements. It is a good idea to ask your speaker to submit their presentation in advance so that it can be uploaded and tested. A technical run-through is recommended for high profile or more complex events. 

You may wish to film your event for a website, or to provide an audio recording. Speak to your AV provider about how they can help. Before you film or audio record an event, ensure you have followed the GDPR guidance on the Compliance webpages.