Dress code for guests at events

Non-Academic Dress

The Events Office, following a discussion with the Vice-Chancellor’s Office and the University’s Equality
and Diversity Unit, recommend the following wording to describe dress codes:

  • Formal evening wear/black tie
  • Business attire
  • Smart

Academic dress

The wearing of academic dress is required at all formal ceremonies of the University, such as Encaenia, matriculation and degree ceremonies. It is also worn for University examinations, and for some official meetings such as Congregation.

Sub-fusc (from the Latin for ‘beneath dark coloured’) is the formal outfit worn with full academic dress. It comprises a dark suit with dark socks, or a dark skirt with black stockings, or trousers with dark socks, and an optional dark coat, black shoes, a plain white collared shirt and a black tie or white bow tie.

Full academic dress guidelines are available to view.




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