Event materials

Listed below are some materials that you may need to ensure the smooth running of your event. Invitations are covered separately.

For lunches and dinners, and if you have the budget (or if your lunch/dinner is sponsored), you may like to produce a menu card. It should include the menu, the wine that is to be served, and any logos.

If you have a seating plan you will need to use place cards. Small place cards can be purchased and printed either by yourself or by a printing company, or you can ask a printer to produce them for you (for example, you may want to contact the University’s Print Studio, based at the University Offices).

This should be planned into your Event Plan timeline. Seating plans can be complicated and are nearly always subject to change. It is advisable to ensure you book time with the person who is signing off your seating plan, if not yourself, in order to ensure that this part of the process does not cause delays. If you need to print your seating plan, leave this to as close to the event as possible, just in case there are any last-minute changes.

Programmes can be used for a variety of events. The Events Office team produce them for large ceremonies like the Encaenia, as well as for events such as the Vice-Chancellor's Diversity Awards. They vary widely in terms of size, detail, and quality of paper. Factors such as the number that need to be produced, the type of event and also budget will affect the type of programme you produce.

For some events, it is appropriate to produce name badges for your guests. You should check with your event sponsor whether they would like to use name badges. If you are using simple name badges, you can have name cards printed by the University Print Studio (remembering to stipulate the size of badge holder you are using and the typeface and font size required) and then place the cards into the badge holders yourself (allowing sufficient time to do so, it can be a slow process for a large event!). If you are opting for an unusual design or you want to include branding, you may want to use the services of a designer.

If your signage needs to be branded you will need to brief this into the designer. Simple signage can be produced in the office, such as “reserved” signs. Other signage, such as branded lectern signs and banners, will need to be professionally designed and printed. You must consider what you need at the planning stage, and include these costs in the budget. If you need sample costs for print and design, contact the University Design Studio and or the University Print Studio.

The Events Office sells branded gift bags, or you can request printed materials from the University Print Studio.