Online registration platforms

If it is a small event or you wish to have personal contact, guests could be asked to email or phone you, with RSVPs tracked on a password protected Excel spreadsheet. In other cases, particularly for large events, it may be beneficial to use an online registration system. The below guidance covers popular registration systems used across the University, along with points to consider around GDPR. 

You can view full guidance on GDPR and Events on the Staff Gateway.

Cvent specialises in meetings, events, and hospitality management technology. They offer web-based software for online event registration, event management, email marketing, and web surveys. The software gives you the ability to set up your own webpages for an event (using a variety of templates) that can be fully branded. You can also create different pathways, for example if you would like VIP guests to be invited to/register for exclusive sessions. Payments can be taken securely from registrants and the Cashiers’ Team will accept these payments.

Cvent is GDPR compliant (subject to departments also managing data in a compliant manner) and the Cashiers’ Team have a contract in place with them, on behalf of the University. There is a per registrant cost attached to using this platform – please visit the Finance Division Cvent webpage and contact the Cashiers’ Office at for further information. You can upgrade your package to include abstract management, check in scanners and badge printing machines for the day of your event. 

If you choose to use Cvent you will need to include a privacy notice, that is unique for each event. Please see the appendix for a template.

Microsoft Forms are recommended for when registrants are attending free events. The Forms app is available for all staff to use as part of the Nexus 365 suite. The functionality of Forms is basic, but you can brand the forms and choose from a variety of field types (such as text fields, drop-downs, multiple choice etc.). Please note that on the settings function, there is the option to allow registrations from within the organisation or externally. Some parts of the University, such as Said Business School, do not use Nexus 365 so choose whichever option is most appropriate for your audience. You cannot take payments via Microsoft Forms.

For help and support with Microsoft Forms, please visit the Microsoft Office website or contact the IT Services helpdesk

The University's Online Store facility is a convenient way for departments to sell goods and services via the Internet. Numerous departments and colleges are already successfully running online stores and it can also be used as a means to register guests where a registration fee is payable.

The Online Store Facility is fully GDPR compliant and the Cashiers’ Team will accept payments from registrants, taken securely through the website.

For further information, please visit the Finance Division Online Store Facility webpage.

Eventbrite is a popular registration platform widely used across the University and beyond. It is not an approved University tool and therefore you should use with caution. Please view the ‘guest registration’ drop-down on GDPR and Events guidance on the Staff Gateway. The Cashiers’ Team do not accept payments from registrants via Eventbrite and if you do need to use the platform, it should only be for free of charge events. 

There are options to brand the landing page and communications, guests are automatically issued with a ticket and you can download an app to scan tickets at the event using a smartphone/tablet device.