Event security

It is the responsibility of the Event Manager to identify risks and take steps to mitigate those risks. One of those risks is security, particularly if you have VIPs attending or the event may attract controversy.

Oxford University Security Services will be able to advise you whether your event warrants security, and if so, will be able to assist you by providing advice and help you put together a security plan. Early notification to Security Services will allow for a full security risk assessment to take place. This may include liaising with outside agencies such as the police, a process you will be guided through.

If a security plan is required, it should be treated as an integral part of the event planning process. It should be developed taking into account the expectations of the event itself and any identified risks surrounding it.

The information that will be required:

  • Event details (e.g. VIPs, individuals or topics that could attract controversy)
  • The venue
  • Date/time
  • Target audience (e.g. invited guests, University card holders, public)
  • Size of audience
  • Any previous event history or concerns

An agreed security plan established prior to the event will enable Security Services to have a full understanding of what is expected from them.

The plan should demonstrate:

  • The objectives of the security arrangements being put in place.
  • An understanding of the nature of the event and its requirements, ensuring the security plan does not unnecessarily obstruct the event objectives.
  • How the plan will be implemented, for example dealing with the roles and functions of staff, stewards, locations, actions, escalation processes, emergency response requirements and all relevant conditions regarding conditions of entry and timings.
  • Administrative processes which would include staff reporting processes and points of contact.

If your event does require security, then a University Security Services representative should attend any event planning meeting and site meetings. This will ensure that they are familiar with the key internal/external stakeholders and they may learn new information about the event that would alter their planning.

Security should form part of your event risk assessment. Please see the health and safety guidance for further information on risk assessments.

Consideration should be given to a debrief to collate any learning points, both good and bad, that could help with future planning of similar events.