Requesting UAS Mosaic template changes


Several page templates have been set up for UAS sections to use on their Mosaic websites. They help to ensure:

  • a coherent user experience across all UAS websites
  • standardised ‘look and feel’ across the UAS website family
  • consistent following of best practice regarding content design, accessibility and responsiveness across devices
  • efficient workflows for UAS content editors

Moving away from these templates could impact the entire UAS website family, and any changes need careful consideration. However, it is important the templates evolve in line with user needs and that they continue to work for those managing websites. For this reason, a process has been put in place to manage changes to the existing templates.

Important: This process is for changes to templates only (for example, moving different design elements around and/or changing the visual design). If a proposed change requires additional development on the Mosaic platform (e.g. the building of new elements and functionality), this needs to be considered separately by the Steering Group. If you are not sure whether your proposed change requires additional development, please speak to UAS Website Manager. 


Any changes to existing templates – or request for new ones - must meet both of the following criteria:

1. There is a demonstrable user need. 

All template changes should be driven by user need. This means that editors requesting a template change have to provide evidence that

  • users would benefit from the template change (this can be user interviews, A/B test results, best practice from content design experts)
  • the number of users this template would help is significant (either because the page in question is visited by many users, or the template would be used for multiple pages, for multiple purposes or even on multiple sites)

2. The change does not disrupt users’ consistent experience across UAS websites.

Template changes will not be approved if they would result in webpages

  • breaking out of the agreed UAS ‘look and feel’
  • not conforming to accessibility and responsiveness standards established across UAS
  • presenting the same type of content differently than other UAS sites

Reasons that do not justify a template change

The following will not be accepted as reasons for proposing changes to templates:

  • The desire to make a site ‘distinct’ from the UAS family of sites
  • Individual design preferences (i.e. ‘I think it would look better this way’)
  • Personal views on the added value of visual elements (‘My site needs to look nice’). The range of templates, and the visual identity, were agreed by all UAS sections to meet user needs.  Additional imagery and visual devices will not be considered unless evidence exists that users are likely to benefit from the changes
  • A member of staff (at any level of seniority) has expressed a personal opinion about templates, which is not led by user need


To request a template change, please email UAS Website Manager at Please make sure to include not only details of the changes you wish to make, but also evidence of the user need. 



Assistance with UAS websites

Lead editors - email

Site editors should only contact the lead editor of their site

See information on the UAS website support process