UAS Mosaic user roles

The table below outlines the two most commonly available roles for UAS staff on the Mosaic platform, their permission levels, and the competences and training staff are required to obtain before being given these roles.

As editors have wide-ranging permissions on the Mosaic platform, it is best practice to limit the number of editors per site to two or three wherever possible. This will maintain consistency not only with regard to the site’s content and design, but also in terms of workflow and governance. 

Where individuals are not able to attend specific courses, for example writing for the web or information architecture, they should engage with the subject via available online resources, such as LinkedIn Learning

  Role       Permissions   Competencies Gaining access to Mosaic website


  • Create content from template
  • Edit other users’ content
  • Submit own & other users’ content for review by editor
  • Basic understanding of Mosaic (podcast)
  • Proficiency in using UAS templates (UAS template training)
  • Good knowledge of writing for web principles (UAS web style guide)
  • Attended contributor training
  • Engage with the guidance on the project website
Editor As a contributor plus:
  • Publish own and others’ content
  • Manage shared content with other sites
  • Create and edit reusable content
  • Maintain site-wide content (taxonomies, navigation, footer)
  • A proficient familiarity with Mosaic platform and UAS templates (training)
  • Very good understanding of general writing for web principles and UAS web governance principles (training and UAS web style guide)
  • Basic knowledge of information architecture for websites (training)
  • Editor training
  • Writing for web training (either in-house or online resources)
  • Engage with the guidance on the project website
  • Governance and design briefings
  • IA training (either in-house or online resources)


Assistance with UAS websites

Lead editors - email

Site editors should only contact the lead editor of their site

See information on the UAS website support process