UAS Mosaic website guidance for utilising SharePoint Online

Basic principles

Mosaic websites should be used as the primary location for publishing information about UAS sections for colleagues across the University. This approach has been agreed upon and adopted by all UAS Sections.

SharePoint and SharePoint Online should only be used when the content contains sensitive information or is not relevant for colleagues outside a specific section. Examples of content that should be added to SharePoint include UAS. This includes:

  • Committee minutes and meetings notes
  • Consultations or forums
  • UAS section intranet content

UAS sections should not create SharePoint sites as a replacement for Mosaic websites. SharePoint should only complement the content on Mosaic, not replace it.

Details about how SharePoint (and SSO content on Mosaic) should be used can be found in the SSO guidance for UAS editors.


Managing the user journey

When considering where to host their content, UAS sections must carefully consider the journey for users.

For example, content placed on SharePoint will not be accessible from search engines (or the search functionality on Mosaic); meaning it may be hard for users to find it from UAS websites.

In addition, users moving from Mosaic to SharePoint and then back to Mosaic is likely to provide a frustrating experience.

As such, UAS editors should:

  • Map out how their users will navigate between platforms, and minimise the number of times they need to switch between them
  • When linking through to SharePoint from Mosaic, include keywords and phrases on Mosaic itself, to improve searchability
  • Make it clear when users are leaving the platform.

Example: Committee meetings notes are held on the BESC Committee SharePoint. To access the minutes, please use the following link BESC Committee SharePoint.

Support, accessibility and layout

SharePoint Online sites are not managed or maintained within the current governance of UAS Mosaic websites. If a UAS Section uses SharePoint Online to host content. It is the responsibility of that section to manage access, accessibility, update functionality and decommission if no longer required. UAS sections should note that those UAS templates are not available on SharePoint Online, meaning it may be more challenging to provide a consistent user experience; and to layout content in a user-friendly way

Assistance with UAS websites

Lead editors - email

Site editors should only contact the lead editor of their site

See information on the UAS website support process