UAS website collection managing editors' group

Each UAS section is represented on the managing editors' group which will meet monthly.

Name Representing
Lauren Gale AAD (Academic Administration Division)
- Assurance (Compliance)
Charlene Rowley (Chair) Estates Services
Catherine Thompson Finance
Susan Humphreys IT Services
Georgia Corby Legal Services
Lois May HR (Human Resources)
Gemma Jacobs PACS (Planning and Council Secretariat)
Stephen Sangar PAD (Public Affairs Directorate) 
Victoria Noble (Fiona Burbage) Research Services/Global Research


Month Date Location
January 26 Teams
February 23 Teams
March  23 Teams
April 27 Teams
May 25 Teams
June 22 Teams
July 27 Teams
August 24 Teams
September 28 Teams
October 26 Teams
November 23 Teams
December 28 (TBC)  


Assistance with UAS websites

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